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A bilingual (English & Arabic) video podcast, broadcast live from Yazan Madanat's house. The show features a variety of guests & covers trending topics in mental & physical health, tech & innovation, society, entrepreneurship, science and other topics

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #7 Solo Stream - Trading vs. Investing in Crypto (BTC, ETH, ADA & DOT)

    Some of my own thoughts on the crypto space: Investing vs. Trading and why DOT & ADA may have better growth prospects compared to Ethereum, who's the current leader in the smart contract space ...


  2. #6 with Basel Abu Alrub

    Basel is a talented musician, a blogger, and an entrepreneur living in Dubai. Above all, he's always been a wise & honest friend since our high-school days. In this episode, we discuss how to pursue your genuine self, especially under the pressure of unexpected pandemics, ingrained guilt and other external ...


  3. #5 with Nadine Mezher

    Nadine Mezher is a Co-Founder at Sarwa - the 1st Robo-Advisor in the Middle East. Sarwa raised an $8.4M Series-A earlier this year and is based in DIFC. In this episode, we discuss investing vs. trading stocks. Trading can be extremely dangerous, especially when you're new to the game or ...


  4. #4 with Loulou El Khazen

    Loulou El Khazen is the host of her own podcast 'Conversations with Loulou' and Founder of Nabbesh.com. She also started an angel investing group focused on early stage tech startups. .'Conversations with Loulou' لولو الخازن مؤسسة موقع نبش ومقدمة البودكاست الخاص بها ...


  5. #3 with Khaled Talhouni

    Khaled Talhouni is a renowned venture capitalist based in Dubai. He invested in and managed over 60 early stage transactions including Careem, Littlebits, Mumzworld, Insider and Luxury Closet. Khaled recnetly launched Nuwa Capital, a $100 million VC fund focused on Fintech, Mobility, Logistics and Enterprise startups in MENA. In this episode, ...